Royal 4 Food & Beverage


Royal 4's Food Distribution Technology

Whether you are a producer, packer, distributor, broker, or warehouse, Royal 4 has a solution for you. We specialize in the food marketplace and have many customers worldwide; Not only are we in compliance with the US regulations on traceability and compliance, but also with the more stringent International regulations. Royal 4 was founded in 1984.

We take things a step further than our competitors.

  1. WISE is a standalone product which can interface to any financial package that has a real database.
  2. WISE is highly configurable, so that we can adapt it to the way you do business,not force you to do it our way.
  3. We also offer a complete financial package that is completely scalable and used by small companies to Fortune 500 companies, with multi language, currency, companies, cost centers etc.
  4. This is a real-time rules based system
  5. We are platform and hardware independent
  6. And most importantly, we turn a cost into a profit center


Royal 4 Systems, Inc. can provide a comprehensive traceability solution for your company. By implementing the WISE real time, rules based warehouse management system; you can trace your product through the complete supply chain. With WISE you will have real time visibility across all of the touch points in the supply chain.  The ROI (return on investment) is less than a year and we guarantee results. 
WISE is a true rules based system that will maximize the information you have about your products, manage your resources and reduce costs, all without changing the way you do business. WISE keeps track of cartons, pallets, mixed pallets, repacks and processed items with lot control from the source to the store.

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