Royal 4 Systems : Global Support

Royal 4's Support Commitment to Customers

At Royal 4 Systems we understand that our service is an integral part of your operations. When a problem arises, you need assistance that is instantly available. That is why we offer a total support program designed to answer your questions and assist you in solving any problems you have encountered with your warehouse management or ERP solutions.

Our support staff consists of trained specialists who can handle any software, hardware or service issues fast and completely. If your hardware needs repair, we expedite the process with the repair facility and return your hardware already configured to work with your Royal 4 Systems Software.

Royal 4 Systems offers several support plan levels for software and hardware to meet your unique operational needs. Contact your Royal 4 Systems representative for additional options.

  • Standard 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST coverage
  • Expedited 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST coverage
  • Standard 24 hour coverage
  • Expedited 24 hour coverage

"Customer support around the clock and around the world since 1984".

Support and Upgrades

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Availability of Hot-line Support
Hot-line support is available from Royal 4 by telephone from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. PST, Monday through Friday. Extended support times can be made available for weekends to support activities such as physical inventory taking, etc. Emergency support can also be made available through e-mail and/or cellular telephone to the account support manager

Availability of Remote Internet Diagnostic Support
Royal 4's technical support personnel are able to log into the host computer running the R4 application to provide diagnostics and/or program fixes as well as installing new software, etc. This capability puts the Royal 4 technical support personnel a call away, without necessitating, in most cases, to travel to the actual computer locations site.

R4 Application Software Updates
Royal 4 provides regular software updates, program fixes and other updates that improve the performance of the software. The software updates are included at no extra charge. Services utilized to install the updates are billable for actual time spent.

New R4 Application Software Releases
Royal 4 creates one major release of the software per year. This software is available at no extra charge, for the software. Services utilized to install the upgrade are billable for actual time spent

First 2 Hours/Month Remote Support or Training
These two hours are available at no extra charge and can be utilized for ad-hoc requests, such as new reports, on-line training, etc. These hours do not accumulate, if not used. If more than 2 hours are used, the 2 hours will be credited to the total number of hours used.

Support / Maintenance
R4 support / maintenance charges for the support levels outlined above are billed yearly at the rate of 18% of the software license.

Software Warranty Policy
Royal 4 Systems' software warranty policy covers our software for six months beginning with the date of shipment. This warranty policy is limited to software bugs and product deficiencies, as well as documentation updates as they become available. Product updates, new releases, telephone support and online support are not covered under Royal 4 Systems Software's software warranty.

Hardware Warranty Policy
Royal 4 Systems Software will pass on the manufacturer's standard warranties. If more coverage is needed, Royal 4 will provide manufacturer's extended warranty options for our customers to purchase. Telephone support, online support, firmware upgrades and return shipping are covered under the hardware manufacturers warranty policy.

Customer Care
Royal 4 Systems has a Web-based customer support center to deliver fast and reliable service and support to our customers. Customer Care is designed to improve communications with direct access to all pertinent information regarding your system. Using the Customer Care login, you can view the status of outstanding calls and return material authorizations (RMAs), request upgrades, report problems and update contact information.

Contact your Royal 4 Systems Software sales representative today to discuss the service program that best meets your needs.