Royal 4 SAAS: Software as a Service

Royal 4's Software as a Service


The Royal 4 Software as a Service (SaaS) program is a software distribution model in which we host our ERP, TMS and WMS solutions on our secure server and make it available to our customers over the Internet. This hosted solution can be beneficial for companies that do not have a strong IT presence or do not wish to maintain 3rd party applications on their local infrastructures, or companies that simply want to focus their time and resources on their core competencies. Although most companies have capable IT departments, many have found that they would rather be a subscriber, not a manager.

Benefits of the Royal 4 SaaS subscription model include:
A high Level of Reliability

  • A hosted data center is less likely to go down than an individual or legacy customer system because it has been built with full redundancy capabilities. It is supported by battery powered back-ups, has its own generator backing up the battery back-ups, and usually has a co-location site where the systems run if all of these back-ups fail
  • An ASP must ensure continuous power and connectivity in a physically secure environment. Many legacy and "home grown" systems have little or no formal redundant systems in place and if there is a power outage or a disaster, you can lose all your records.
  • With a Royal 4 hosted system, you will not lose the information stored at the central site even if your Internet connection drops. And, if the data center goes down for a brief or extended period of time, users are typically able to continue their work uninterrupted. The system automatically synchs up with what has been done locally once the data center is restored.


  • An ASP's core business is to offer their customers applications over the Internet in a private, secure environment. ASP solutions utilize the latest security technology including firewalls and encryption. Security is designed to protect privacy by preventing initial entry into an individual customer's database and there is continual monitoring as well. In addition, ASPs tend to be early adopters of the latest advances in security technology. Many legacy and "home grown" systems are unable to maintain this same level of security.

Automatic Software Upgrades and System Back-ups

  • Software upgrades are a thing of the past if you choose an ASP-based offering. All software upgrades are performed seamlessly by the ASP as part of the subscription fee. ASP's perform automatic back-ups centrally in a sophisticated data center. There is no need for any file back-ups to be done locally. For example, if you have purchased an ASP - based inventory management solution, your customer records, inventory levels, pricing structure, etc. will be backed up automatically at predetermined times so that you can always access the most up-to-date information.