Royal 4 TMS : Transportation Management

Transportation Management Systems:

R4 Systems has developed a suite of transportation management systems for a wide range of applications within the Royal 4 vertical markets. The TMS modules include WISEship, WISEmove and the Royal 4 Freight Management System. These solutions are designed to work with Royal 4's ERP, WISE, 3PL and Web Order Entry products.

R4's Transportation Management Systems reduce transportation costs and improve customer service by providing efficient planning and execution of inbound and outbound transportation processes. Transportation planning, shipment execution, financial settlement and tracking visibility are all available in the Royal 4 TMS suite.
This is what R4's Transportation Management Systems can do for you:

  • Reduce your transportation costs: By using our planning and optimization tools to build loads, group orders and plan routes to maximize asset utilization, manage carrier compliance and identify the lowest cost carriers.
  • Improve customer services levels: Through increased visibility and on-time delivery you can increase visibility for internal users, customers and suppliers to track shipment status for their orders, right down to the individual truck.
  • Improve efficiency in daily transportation operations by eliminating manually intensive processes. Benefit from our collaborative logistics network to simplify and automate carrier communications, including contract negotiation, load tendering, invoice processing, and payment approvals. Take advantage of an on-demand TMS solution for centralized management with local execution capabilities for all modes of transportation.

A complete Transportation solution including:

WISEship- The Multi-Carrier Shipping module (WISEship) receives the orders picked from the warehouse or website. The system can also send out email notifications of shipped orders to your customers. Features include:WISEship replaces all of your carrier supplied machines

WISEmove- The Royal 4 WISEmove™ system is one of the latest software applications offered by Royal 4 Systems. It is an integrated application combining modules from the R4 ERP, WISE, 3PL Billing and Web Order Entry systems. WISEmove™ was created specifically for the Relocation and FF&E transportation and services industry. WISEmovecontrols all aspects of the moving process

R4 Freight Management - The Transportation Management System module receives the orders picked from the warehouse and can weigh, rate and process all necessary documentation as per the customer's instructions or best shipping method to reduce transportation costs. The TMS then updates the WISE warehouse management system, which updates the host system live as orders are processed

R4 Yard Management - The Yard Management System module is a natural extension of the WISE warehouse management solution. Yard management is the function of managing the inventory of trailers or empty trailers parked outside the warehouse. Yard Management is generally associated with cross docking operations and may include the management of both inbound and outbound trailers.