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The WISE TIRE WAREHOUSE MANAGER System is a natural extension of the WISE warehouse management solution. Royal 4's WISE TIRE WAREHOUSE MANAGER for tire distributors was created from years of experience working with major tire manufacturers like TOYO, and dealers like Colony Tire, STS Tire, American Tire Depot, S&S Tire and many others.

The WISE TIRE WAREHOUSE MANAGER includes the standard receiving, put-away, cross-docking, picking and shipping, but also extra features like tire ageing alerts (created for Toyo Tires), NAFTA compliance for tires sold to Canada or Mexico, the ability to re-label a tire with a duplicate barcode label in case it's missing, damaged or incorrect (off shore suppliers..), alias item number cross referencing and many more. The WISE TIRE WAREHOUSE MANAGER has been interfaced to every major Tire Dealer POS system as well as ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Lawson, MAS 200 and others. The addition of the WISE TIRE WAREHOUSE MANAGER allows tire distributors to truly manage their warehouses with a complete tire distribution solution.
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Features include:

  • Tire Ageing Alerts
  • NAFTA Compliance
  • Tire and Wheel specific barcodes
  • Cross reference item numbers
  • Snow Tire Storage

Tire Ageing Alerts
W.I.S.E. Creates Tire "Ageing Alerts" which can be generated at any time. State law will soon require tire dealers to disclose the age of each tire prior to sale or installation.
The W.I.S.E. system manages this process for the dealer. With our dynamic alert system we know exactly which tires are reaching a certain age so these tires get picked first.
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Custom Barcode labels
W.I.S.E. Creates custom tire and wheel specific Barcode labels for non-barcoded items. These labels can either b e printed upon receipt or they can be pre-printed in anticipation of an order. Some examples are tires from off shore suppliers, tires or wheels where the label has come off etc... the barcodes can contain any information needed for inventory tracking. Find out more from your Royal 4 Representative

Tire companies may want to use different cross reference numbers when receiving a tire or wheel into inventory. Through "aliases" we can assign virtually unlimited cross references (aliases) to a given item. The most common application here is referencing a manufacturer's item ID number to your item ID number. The W.I.S.E. customer item cross reference tables permit you to scan in the customer's item number and the system will automatically transpose that number into your item number referencing any tire or wheel. Find out more from your Royal 4 Representative

NAFTA regulates which tires can be sold to Canada and Mexico. The WISE system can capture the country of origin data and keep this information as part of the record of that particular tire or group of tires. If there is an order to Canada or Mexico, the system directs the picker to only "made in USA" tire stock.Find out more from your Royal 4 Representative

Snow Tire Storage
With the W.I.S.E. WMS system dealers can now offer a complete snow tire storage system for their customers. This creates loyalty, adds new revenue stream with no added expense and guarantees customer retention, increased customer satisfaction, high gross profit to sales ratio and more.
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Royal 4's After-Market Solutions:

  • Find parts by specifications

  • Complete Lot and Serial tracking

  • Directed Pick

  • Labor Tracking

  • Bar Coding

  • Sequencing

  • EDI

  • Project Management

  • Never ship the wrong part again let us show you how

  • Auto replenishment

  • Unique pricing by part & customer

  • Speed Order Entry

  • SEMA Member since 1994

  • And much more.