• WISE 3PL Value Added Services Billing

    • Daily, weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly and yearly invoicing
    • Split month storage Full month, partial month, anniversary date
    • Transaction volume by task and by unit of measure
    • Number of total transactions
    • Billing for kitting, work orders
    • Office services, labor, miscellaneous billing,
    • Trucking/Freight packing supplies and many more

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Royal 4 WISE 3PL Value Added Services Billing


Customer Profiles

Capture multiple value added scenarios based on customer profiles.


Space Utilization

Space utilization for actual space, number of locations used/reserved, and days held etc.


Inventory Move/Pick

Stock moved or picked, quantity moved or picked, weight of stock moved or picked.

  • Time

  • Volume

  • Container types

  • Location floor space used

  • Lot tracking and control

  • Serial tracking and control