• Lean Government with WISE Logistics!

    No set of processes offer a better opportunity for immediate cost reductions and improved efficiency than bringing automated, paperless logistics to the administration of physical materials, supplies, and assets. Lean logistics offers the ability to free up cash, reduce inventory carry costs, and eliminate significant indirect costs associated with materials, supplies, and assets logistics.

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Better Manage your Agency with WISE!

Government agencies everywhere are struggling with maintaining constituent service, avoiding deficits, and mitigating rising costs. All over the country, jurisdictions find themselves needing to do more with less money and fewer resources than they have ever had before. In order to confront this dilemma, many public officials have started looking at the processes of public operations to evaluate wasteful, inefficient, and unnecessary processes and procedures.


Key to Lean Government

Looking for relief, jurisdictions have turned to principles originating in the manufacturing industry to eliminate wasteful practices, known as “Lean” principles, and adapting them to the public sector in what is now known as Lean Government.  Lean Government emphasizes making government more efficient, responsive, and satisfying to citizens and employees alike while simultaneously respecting individuals and changing the way people think about government. The core of Lean Government is a shift in culture from one of complacency and acceptance of the status quo, to one of dynamic thinking, continuous improvement, and adding value to every step of government to produce better outcomes.

Reduced Costs

Lean Government employs a variety of strategies and tactics to identify and eliminate wasteful effort.  From mapping out complicated, intensive processes step-by-step or implementing small changes quickly that can have dramatic results, Lean Government is an invaluable tool in increasing the government capacity to respond to challenges and its accountability. Lean Government is not synonymous with cutting jobs, geared towards implementing temporary “quick fixes”, or a passing trend.  It is an entirely new way of doing business that has been embraced by local, state, and federal government. Royal 4 Systems has the proven solution to help to Reduce Costs, Improve Decision Making, Achieve Compliance, Raise Productivity, and Manage your Agency with the latest logistics/material handing techniques.

Tangible Savings

It has been proven that doing more work with fewer enterprise systems can deliver tangible savings. Consolidating a collection of inventory and materials systems, both manual and electronic has proven to deliver the biggest payoff of any consolidation strategy. Consider the possibility of consolidation of the tracing and tracking of all supplies, materials, and assets within a single automated management system, creating one version of the truth for all inventory, supplies, and regulated items across the entire organization, building inventory precision and compliance into the solution, not as an afterthought, error-proofing the handling of hazardous, restricted, or dangerous materials, extending the power of your existing ERP system into the proactive management of your receiving, storing, moving and accounting for items.

Achieve Compliance and Improve Decision-Making:

Timely information provides better and faster decisions. Some self-analysis questions to consider. Can we accurately report the status of all materials and supplies, and assets in my Agency at any moment? Do I rely on annual inventory counts to establish the level of materials and supplies on hand? Am I living on paper slips, manual reports, and data entry to try to keep my ERP inventory up to date? Do I have special reporting requirements for hazardous materials that I cannot handle in a automated way? Do we rely on spreadsheets to manage our materials and supplies? Eliminate rogue inventory systems and reporting gaps

  • Real Time Data

    Tracks Materials, Supplies, Assets in Real Time.

  • Print Receipts

    Receives expected receipts from ERP.

  • Real Time Visibility

    Real time receipts, moves, transfers.

  • Integration

    Reports directly to ERP For Efficiency.

  • Efficient

    Reduce the number of ERP licenses.

  • Reduce Data Entry

    Reduce Data Entry and Paper For Quality.

  • Accuracy

    Reduced Errors and Omissions.

  • Standardize Processes

    Eliminate tribal knowledge.