Royal 4 Systems is the sole source provider of WISE 4 Public Safety. W4PS is a powerful, suite of tightly integrated modules that can be configured to your agency’s initiative. The main challenges faced by public safety organizations everywhere:

    • Personal equipment being manually tracked
    • Difficulty in generating necessary reports
    • Inability to access information about equipment issued outside the department
    • Time consumed when equipment is issued out and returned
    • Manual transactions with paper documents pulled, filed, and entered into spreadsheets
    • Errors: Paperwork lost, misfiled, or not properly updated.

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W4PS – WISE For Public Safety by Royal 4

Royal 4 Systems has the proven solution to help to Reduce your Costs, Improve Service Levels, Achieve Compliance, Raise Productivity, and Manage your Facility.

Tracks Equipment

Due to increasing regulations and compliance issues on fixed assets and inventory by auditors, agencies are required to perform important physical inventory and asset audits in order to meet governance mandates. Even today, many departments track and assign assets utilizing a hard copy check out-in system in combination with multiple spreadsheets without accounting for inventory values and disposition of items. They need an effective automated system of tracking inventory consumables and fixed assets to consistently meet city, county, and state guidelines which mandate they be able to show asset transfers, loans, and disposal.


Provides Efficiencies

WISE puts an end to personal equipment being manually tracked, difficulty in generating necessary reports, and the inability of accessing information about equipment issued outside the department. No more time consumed when equipment is issued out and returned, manual transactions with paper documents pulled, filed, and entered into spreadsheets, errors, paperwork lost, misfiled, or not properly updated.

Ensures Compliance

Manage materials and supplies to meet City, County, and State Auditor guide-lines for asset transfers and disposal. Regularly audit materials, supplies, assets and equipment issued to personnel. Reduce costs by minimizing inventory losses and unaccounted assets. Individuals become more accountable for their equipment by accurately identifying where an item should be assigned, located, and when it should be replaced or repaired. A detailed audit trail for movement of materials, supplies and assets is included.

Royal 4 Systems Public Safety

Royal 4 Systems understands that the Your agency is seeking a robust yet flexible inventory tracking management system capable of managing consumable inventory and fixed inventory from acquisition to final disposition for Public Health & Safety Initiatives.

  • Reduce Costs

    The right information gives the ability to make better and faster decisions with the data to back them up.

  • Improve Service

    Achieve & deliver a high level of stakeholder satisfaction.

  • Achieve Compliance

    Comply with rules and regulations that govern your organization.

  • Raise Productivity

    Get the most from your existing resources.

  • Manage your Facility

    Manage the tradeoffs between safety and efficiency.

  • Track Equipment

    Track equipment requiring calibration or replacement.