• WISE Logistics for Public Works Departments.

    With over 28 years of mobile materials, supplies, and asset data collection and reconciliation experience, WISE Logistics has the functionality to meet the needs of tracking materials, supplies, and mobile assets and reporting to ERP or Fixed Asset Based inventory systems in real time. Data capture and full mobile capabilities are the hallmarks of our mobile logistics solution design. In addition to data reconciliation capabilities, our software also gives users the ability to capture tags via barcode scanner, RF, RFID, as well as manual entry. With user-friendly rules based application lets our logistics support solution becomes a customized extension of your asset management software wherever it resides. WISE Logistics utilizes hand-held computers (scanners), tablets, or smart phones to scan tags and manage data in the field.

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WISE Logistics Provides:

Dynamic Reporting: WISE Logistics provides the ability to run standard reports as well as your own custom reports using the built-in report generator. For infrequent queries, ad hoc reporting capabilities are also available. Data Exchange with Systems of Record allows asset and table data to be imported/exported in to other systems in common formats. Document or Image Management provides the ability to assign documents, or image files to individual properties and assets. Mobile Asset Maintenance Notices provides notifications for equipment maintenance and repair, with a detailed history for reporting purposes.

Modular & Flexible

Provides a deployment approach keeping budgetary requirements in mind. We recognize public sector agencies are composed of numerous departments, organizations can tailor deployment to individual department needs. It is easy to start with a single pilot department and roll out into other areas as budgets allow and benefits accrue.

Powerful & Secure

WISE Logistics delivers a new, integrated perspective on your agencies mobile assets. It’s a single source for all mobile asset management information – from data about location, assignments, responsible party, part numbers, serial numbers, transaction history, transient status, and other user customized attributes. Various levels of user access defined at the entity, organization, site and building level as well as approval processes and a complete auditable history ensure the integrity of data being tracked.


Increases Productivity

WISE Logistics provides a variety of benefits to Public Works, including improved labor and materials handling productivity. WISE Logistics ensures regulatory compliance for management, control, and visibility for special mobile assets.

WISE Logistics: simple to learn and easy to use

WISE Logistics reflects the way public sector organizations operate. WISE Logistics was designed with the end user in mind. The software works the way your employees work, so it’s simple to learn and easy to use.

  • Integration

    Reduce the dependence on coding systems by using your existing terminology for processes and data elements.

  • Security

    WISE Logistics regulates users to securely interact with only the necessary elements of data during different stages of the process. Manage property from acquisition through disposal without sacrificing the security of your data.

  • Real Time Records

    Data and process information updated to the place you have specified as the system of record.

  • Personal IT Resource

    WISE Logistics technical model eliminates the need for dedicated IT resources, database experts, or technical expenses.

  • Eliminate Time Delays

    Eliminate time delays with automated interfaces to ERP and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems with comprehensive electronic audit trails.

  • Improves Accuracy

    Improves data accuracy by eliminating manual input at all possible input points.

  • Easy to Learn

    Minimize the employee learning curve by using your existing terminology, locations, and all other relevant data describing the mobile asset.

  • Data Integrity

    Secure data integrity with automated validation by the scanning device and rules and approval routing.