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Walter Blazej – METRAFLEX – Chooses WISE WMS and ERP System


Walter Blazej is the MIS Director for Metraflex. Metraflex was struggling with storage of engineering papers, customer relationship management, and an old and unfriendly financial package. Based on their rapid expansion they needed a solid supply chain system that had warehouse management along with financial accounting as a key component. Royal 4 was unique because they offered a complete solution including accounting, distribution, manufacturing and top level WMS, WISE, all in one program which the competitors we looked at did not. This made the decision to choose Royal 4 Systems an easy one. For this achievement Royal 4 is pleased to induct Walter Blazej into our exclusive coalition known as the WISE leaders program.

Quote from Walter Blazej

“Metraflex has been a successful business partner with Royal 4 for over 18 years. The WISE and R4 ERP system has increased our efficiency immeasurably. A few years ago we wanted to see what was available in the newest supply chain marketplace. After much due diligence we realized that we had the best with Royal 4 and recently upgraded to their newest version.” “During all these years Royal 4 has responded quickly and efficiently to all of our issues and has kept up with the latest supply chain technologies. Metraflex will recommend the Royal 4 solutions without reservation.” Walter Blazej, MIS Director


Notable Achievments
Founded: 1958
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinios
Employees and exclusive contractors: 100+

Metraflex Manufactures the innovative Metraloop® expansion loop for thermal expansion and seismic movement, the Cablesphere® expansion joint, and the Suction Diffuser Flex and VaneFlex™ flow conditioning joints, Metraflex makes a variety of engineered piping products including expansion joints, expansion compensators, flow meters, wall penetration seals, pipe guides, pump connectors, strainers, valves and more.

When it comes to Vibration isolation, Noise dampening, Thermal expansion and contraction, Pipe alignment and seismic movement, Pump connections and flow conditioning, Metraflex has been supplying piping specialty products to the commercial HVAC industry since 1958.

Every engineered pipe system needs to compensate for noise, vibration, movement and piping alignment. Metraflex has the products to protect piping and make it more efficient.