Royal 4 Systems WISE WMS Integrates With Voxware 


Voice Picking Solution Increases Efficiency

Voxware, Inc. (NASDAQ: VOXW), provides voice-driven software products that optimize the full spectrum of warehouse operations for greater accuracy, productivity and flexibility in supply chain execution. Voxware’s corporate headquarters are in Hamilton, New Jersey, with operating offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, and France. Additional information about Voxware can be obtained at


“Many of our clients have expressed the need to expand their options when it comes to managing the traditional picking process. They want to have options available for optimum system configuration,” says Jess Noguera, President of Royal 4 Systems. “Voxware is also easy to configure and as a result,” continues Noguera, “Royal 4 can rapidly adapt to changes in our customers’ environments and warehouse business processes and get voice solutions up and running in a much shorter time.”


Voxware, Inc. (NASDAQ: VOXW), a leading supplier of software for voice-driven warehousing operations and Royal 4 Systems, a world leading Supply Chain software provider announced today the strategic integration of Voxware’s voice solution with Royal 4’s Warehouse Management System (WMS). Royal 4 Systems will resell Voxware’s open voice software product for the supply chain, thus providing a completely hands free picking environment for Royal 4 customers.


“The strategic integration of Voxware’s open voice software solutions with Royal 4 Systems validates our standards-based approach in the industry,” said Scott Yetter, CEO of Voxware. “As we look to deploy our voice software solutions to more clients across distribution centers in a variety of industries, we are excited to partner with innovative WMS providers such as Royal 4 Systems.”