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Fastline Chooses WISE For Their Clients


WISE TMS Provides Total Tire Management Solution

Founded in 1958 in Somerset County, NJ, Somerset Tire Service has taken pride in providing exceptional service and superior value to its customers for over fifty years. STS is the largest independent tire and automotive service company in the Northeast, with STS Tire & Auto Center retail locations throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unique to the retail tire and automotive repair industry, STS is an employee-owned company dedicated to providing customers with convenient locations where long-term relationships are established based on TRUST. As employee-owners, each employee has a personal stake in the company’s success and recognizes that success depends upon complete customer satisfaction. You can find them on the Internet at



Jess Noguera, President of Royal 4 Systems, says, “Particularly now in a recovering economy, every tire company should be looking for that affordable technology component that can drive efficiencies in customer service and reduce costs.

“After an extensive evaluation conducted by both myself and Michael Cardali (VP of Information Technology), which included various site visits and took several months to conclude, we selected Royal 4 and its WISE Tire Warehouse Manager because it met our needs on multiple levels” said Sean Franciscus, Somerset’s Director of Purchasing & Distribution. “Royal 4’s WISE Tire Warehouse Manager provided us with operational efficiencies from day one, along with the flexibility needed to allow for future integrations with POS, ERP, and logistics enhancement projects underway at STSRoyal 4 had engineers with an excellent understanding of our industry, as proven by the flexibility and functionality of their system, and the reporting tools needed to effectively manage a tire distribution center”.

WISE tracks tires from the moment they are received, directing the put-away process to utilize storage in the most efficient locations, and it eliminates the guesswork when picking orders by directing pickers to strategic retrieval areas, in our case using a FIFO rule which helps us manage the tire dating issue which looms over our industry. The system also insures tires are staged at specific dock locations and as a result, it makes shipping/loading more efficient and accurate. Jess Noguera, President of Royal 4 Systems, says, With the WISE Tire Warehouse Manager system, there is a significant ROI realized within the “four walls” of the warehouse. When the system is integrated with a dealer’s point of sale and routing system, in addition to the inventory accuracy, you can now improve customer service response times, increase productivity and reduce operational costs.”