Industry leaders use WISE voice solutions at locations around the globe. Royal 4 and our voice partners offer dramatically lower implementation costs that eliminate custom coding, while leveraging service oriented architecture (SOA). Customers enjoy the proven benefits of voice technology including Hands free operation and continuous workflow

    • Increased worker productivity and safety
    • Decreased mis-picks
    • Reduced short orders on trucks
    • Real-time visibility to order status
    • Elimination of paper pick lists
    • Reduced employee training time

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Adaptable, Open and Affordable


Improves Productivity

The contribution of the workforce in warehousing is crucial. Labor is the single biggest cost factor, yet it is the least leveraged by technology. Warehouse workers have a huge impact on the ultimate bottom line. They either operate at top efficiency or waste time, making wrong decisions and other costly mistakes.


Flexibility And Control

Voice picking should adapt to your warehouse, not the other way around. WISE voice solutions have one simple mission: to empower voice self-sufficiency in the warehouse. That’s why we have teamed up with the top voice technology providers to develop voice directed picking software that is easier to integrate, easier to use, and easier to change.


Results are Indisputable

Voice increases productivity accuracy, and scalability, making a bottom line difference no matter what business you’re in. Having delivered high-impact voice solutions to best-in-class companies in North America and Europe, industries are increasingly turning to voice technologies to add efficiencies to the WMS process.

Our Industries Vary. The Results Don’t.

Royal 4 partners with our voice technology providers because we recognize that the most critical element for success with voice is the software. Our customers get a configurable, flexible, and high-quality voice solution that enables them to effectively communicate essential information in any environment and in the face of ongoing operational changes. Some of the industries that benefit from voice include:

  • Apparel

    When it comes to voice picking, apparel industry warehouses have special operational needs. Garments on hangers, and style/color/size management are critically important.

  • Food Service

    A world of intense margin pressures, aggressive customer service commitments, and constant acquisitions are the challenges facing today’s food supply chain. Warehouse managers must overcome the high employee churn, language barriers, and varying skill and motivation levels.

  • Healthcare

    In the warehouse, complex picking of high value and perishable products heighten the requirement for close supervision of workers’ tasks and the need for accuracy of a relatively small warehouse workforce, often working among densely packed inventory.

  • Automotive

    Automotive industry leaders look to WISE for the voice software they need to optimize their warehouse order fulfillment operations. Our voice solutions deliver the results they need today, without compromising flexibility for tomorrow.

  • Frozen Foods

    Voice solutions are deployed in some pretty demanding places – such as freezers. Always cold, sometimes loud, freezers have long been a challenging environment for RF scanning and paper-based approaches.

  • Publishing

    High performance distribution is key to the retail and wholesale book business. Often handling thousands of SKUs and dealing with extreme peak periods, publishers and retailers can’t afford to get bogged down by errors and bottlenecks.

  • Consumer Goods

    Today’s retailers and consumers are more demanding than ever. Retailers depend upon having the right product on the right shelf at the right time – and that means optimizing the flow of goods.

  • Grocery Industry

    WISE Voice Management can take your warehouse to a whole new level of efficiency and productivity. In the grocery industry, WISE is improving operational efficiency at warehouses every day, including refrigerated and frozen food sites.

  • Restaurant Industry

    Whether serving up fine food, fast food, or a coffee bar, if it’s not in the kitchen or on the shelf the customer can’t buy it. In restaurants and convenience stores, just-in-time supply of inventory, often perishable or high value, is critical.