4 Characteristics of Good Warehouse Management Systems

warehouse management system
The old days of using a paper and pen to manage inventory records in warehouses are long gone. Currently, warehouses use WMS which has made inventory management easier. These warehouse management systems are different. Therefore, you need to look for the best warehouse management system which will save you money, time and ultimately promote customer satisfaction. This article will help you choose the right one for your business.
Below are the four main qualities of a good WMS.


  1. Easy to use: A good WMS should be easy to handle. This reduces the time you require to train your employees. It also reduces the time spent when setting it up and monitoring everyday operations. This applies to all employees including senior managers so that they can adapt fast to new requirements.
    Clear navigation guarantees you full utilization of the WMS by all employees which promotes productivity.
    Look for WMS with menus that are easy to follow, simplified data entry, allows you to create templates and charts. It should be able to update automatically in real time and employees can access their data easily on the dashboard.
  2. Maximum Functionality: The most important thing for you to do when looking for a Warehouse Management System is to ask yourself what the system can do or solve for you. If you have fewer resources can it help you achieve more? A good WMS should reduce the workload on your end and maximize the work it can help you do. If the system can offer more warehouse management solutions with less input then it might be good for you.
  3. Detailed Management: A good WMS should allow you to manage and track every step of every transaction done in the warehouse. You need yard management software that can give you full information on employees, products and other entities involved. Some of the basic steps the inventory management software should track include: shipping, movement of goods, inventory audits, storage of received items, picking of orders, and receiving. Good WMS should offer proper inventory management solutions.
  4. Compatible with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software: For your business to keep running, you need a WMS that is compatible with your ERP Software. That means a good WMS should work with common ERP systems well. It should be compatible with JD Edwards, Infor, Activant and MS Dynamics.
    Also, look for a supply chain management software vendor who can develop other ERP integrations.


Customers want their order to be supplied as soon as possible. This calls for effective warehouse management solutions; therefore every retailer should look for a way to optimize operations.

Inventory shrink costs retailers 1.33% of their total sales. This is a call to all retailers to think of the importance of employing warehouse management software in their businesses. This will boost customer satisfaction and services which translates to more profit.

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