Eliminate spreadsheets and track your inventory easily with our Cannabis Software. Royal 4’s WISECannabis allows you to handle the entire inventory management process from start to finish or seed to sale.

Get a Complete Cannabis Software Solution with our proven ERP and WMS software. With over 38 years of development and experience in the food and beverage industries, we realized we could solve the issues facing the cannabis industry using our proven methods.

  • WiseCannabis improves efficiency by automating your manufacturing workflow process.
  • 8-12 month payback/ROI from your initial investment in the software
  • Reduction of spreadsheets eliminating 50% labor costs while improving reporting and analysis
  • Increase productivity by 40%  with order processing and AR tracking of funds.
  • Fully METRC compliant solution
Cannabis Certificate Royal 4 Systems


Whether you are a cannabis grower, packer, retailer, warehouse, or manufacturer, Royal 4 has a Cannabis Software solution for you. Royal 4 Systems’ modules (3PL, ERP, WMS), work together seamlessly and provide the real-time data and solutions you need. 2020 we Celebrate, 38 years, under the same management, making the best logistics software, customized for your needs.

Modules Included in the WISE Cannabis Software:


Arise Cannabis

“Royal 4 Systems, a leading cloud-based WMS, Seed-to-Sale, ERP and POS for Cannabis businesses, announced today that their platform will automate the following at Arise Cannabis: point-of-sale, B2B wholesale distribution, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, reporting and METRC compliance.”

WISE Cannabis Software Retail & Inventory

  • With WISE Cannabis Software, you have the ability to manage inventory, customer data, vendors and employees, all in one place, with integration to Royal 4’s ERP and WMS; so, that you can immediately post your transactions, determine inventory and replenishment status.
  • Get more than fast Point of Sale (POS), get a fully integrated and better way to run your business.
Cannabis Software Retail & Inventory
Cannabis Software Cultivation & Tracking

WISE Cannabis Software Cultivation & Tracking

  • Royal 4’s ERP and WMS system, work tightly together and allow material tracking, by lot and serial number, all tracked through the manufacturing process, through lot numbers of components/ingredients used on work orders.
  • We know that establishing consistency, increasing yield and reducing costs are your top priorities. Our cannabis software helps you manage your plants, with precision and insight to calculate COGS, predict future yield and future demand.

WISE Cannabis Software Cannabis Processing

  • Royal 4 automates the production process of raw materials, through work in process, to finished goods.
  • Track percentage of liquid products used (liquid tracking), create a Bill of Material, with required quantity of CBD%, testing stage to validate CBD and THC values, remix of contents, to final production output. Also, visit our software solutions page for Processed Food & Products.
  • Royal 4 recognizes efficiency in your business is the difference between low-profit margins and market dollar leaders.
  • Our cannabis software helps you track cost and efficiency.
Cannabis Software Cannabis Processing
Cannabis Regulations and Compliance

Cannabis Regulations and Compliance

Following local regulations can be easier than you think, with the right software.  Royal 4’s cannabis software provides Metrc, ISO, CGMP and FDA rules and regulations. Also, check out our Asset Management page.

UBIX PROCESSING in Colorado Springs, CO, UBIX Processing is an industry leader in providing private CBD Products including everything you need to build and maintain your company’s presence in the CBD market offering premium quality CBD products that include capsules, tinctures, skincare, salves, vape cartridges, concentrates, E-liquid, raw oils and more. If you can imagine it, UBIX can manufacture it.

“WISE enabled us to automate our unique manufacturing/workflow process given our extensive mixing of balms and tinctures and be able to accurately align costs. This will help to reduce 20% of the time it takes to run the whole business for inventory tracking of raw materials and finished goods to order management, distribution, scheduling production, and accounting integration with AR/AP/GL. The Royal 4 engineers were efficient and knowledgeable. We looked at several other software programs but we ultimately chose the Royal 4 System and I recommend WISE to anyone looking to integrate Cannabis software to run their business”
Bruce Bernstein, CEO Read the Complete Review

Jel Sert was founded in 1926 in Chicago and remains one of the few privately held family-owned companies in America. For nearly 90 years generations of families have enjoyed Jel Sert products which include Royal Pudding, Jolly Rancher, Otter Pops, Fla-Vor-Ice, Wylers Beverages, Wylers Italian Ice, Kool Pops and many other well-known brands sold worldwide.

“There are two things I look at when reviewing software systems – functionality and after-the-sale support.  The WISE warehouse management system has provided superior functionality to our Distribution group since 2002. Royal 4 is the “gold standard” I use for evaluating vendor support – they are simply outstanding”.  Read The Complete Review

Transform your Warehouse into a Competitive Advantage.

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WISE WMS Brochure


Our warehouse management software application suite (WISE) is the core of our Supply Chain Solution.

WMS ROI Calculator

WMS ROI Calculator

We have prepared an easy to use ROI calculator to give you an idea on how much money you can save by using our WMS.


WMS Checklist

Are you planning to implement a warehouse management system (WMS) in the near future? If so, it’s smart to start preparing now.

WMS Implementation Methodologies:

WMS Implementation Methodologies

Create a WMS implementation checklist to ensure you’re prepared for things to launch.