To achieve your goals, WMS For Auto Parts Warehousing can show the way. Royal 4 Systems and WISE are proven in complex warehouse, distribution and Supply Chains for the automotive industry. Recognized for a “Unified Product Suite” WISE is uniquely suited to your requirements as an Automotive Warehouse Distributor.


  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • A Platform Approach
  • Limitless Scalability and Ultimate Performance
  • Self-Tuning, Support Free Database Application
  • Complete Technology Support (networks, web, cell, smart devices)


Royal 4 Systems and WISE are proven in complex warehouse distribution and supply chain, for the automotive industry.

Colony Tire

“The entire process was streamlined to meet the high transactional volumes, improve order fill rates and better serve customers. In addition, we have realized a 99% inventory accuracy rate and can better meet customer expectations with significant, accuracy and service improvements.”

Artificial Intelligence

The basis for the 4th Generation Logistics Systems is AI – Artificial Intelligence. The use of AI allows optimization of tasks based on a detailed algorithmic rules engine. These extensive functions are available to improve agency operation, minimizing costs, and increase productivity by letting the system do the work. What separates 4th generation logistics from every other standard offering available today, is the incorporation of Expert Systems’ technology into products. Expert Systems is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows a computer system to emulate the decision-making ability of a human expert.

Artificial Intelligence
Platform Approach

A Platform Approach

Coupled with Expert Systems is the adoption of a Platform Approach, rather than a programming environment. Platforms simplify the development, deployment, and management of business applications on-premise or, on any platform or device, to any data source, with enhanced performance, minimal IT complexity and low total cost of ownership. Platforms’ specialty is taking large, complex operational environments and making them simple enough for completely untrained users to understand and utilize. To better understand the concept of a platform, think in terms of the ATM at your local bank. This model applies a simple user interface with all the power behind the scenes invisible to the person interacting with the system.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) represents the next technology for materials, supplies, and assets requiring very specialized trace and tracking. These tags convey encrypted information that uniquely identifies items at the case, pallet, or container level. Often called “Smart Tags”, they are essentially chips with antennas that transmit Electronic Product Codes (EPC’s) instead of the standard printed UPC codes. Potentially these tags can even be embedded into the product itself, becoming an indistinguishable part of product labeling or structure. The tag’s information is transmitted automatically so there is no need to unpack or scan individual bar code labels. The result is improved inventory and asset accuracy, reduced labor costs, and significant operational gains which all translate into increased savings and higher value.


eWISE is a browser-based solution offering complete on-line visibility and e-commerce capabilities via an easy to use, secure internal web site. With eWISE you can view order status, see images of items, submit to ERP inventory/asset for approval, delivery or pick up at will call. Your staff can easily view inventory/asset, pending inventory/asset orders, back orders, shipping status, pending expirations, stock outs, and overstocks. Your personnel can create orders or change orders from the field, all in real time, with direct connection to your ERP.


The use of Radio Frequency Scanners and Barcodes is truly the backbone of all WISE transactions. Automatic data collection, real-time transactions capture, and flexibly dynamic menus enable WISE users to utilize the Wise features and intelligence at incredible speeds and accuracy. All functions are performed and updated in real-time. So the moment a task is complete, the next task in the sequence is triggered. If orders need priority and need to be processed immediately, WISE can make the adjustment to the open tasks immediately by putting that order first priority over the existing tasks.


Standardized label formats used by trading partners contain detailed unique bar codes. These compliance labels are used as; shipping, container, pallet, carton, or piece labels. WISE can interface with various bar-code labeling software products which now have common compliance label standards set up as templates for vendors supplying materials and supplies to your agency.


WISE mobile by Royal 4 Systems is a method of connectivity that leverages the latest in Cell technology to significantly improve efficiencies in supply chains that do not have/need access to RF capabilities. WISE mobile functionality is complemented by a technology that embraces ever-changing business requirements. It accomplishes this with rules based tools that provide a high level of configurability. It is completely independent with the software residing on the handhelds. You can upload to the main system anytime you have cell coverage.

WISE mobile not only contains all of the functionality required to solve today’s logistics challenges, but also empowers you to configure business processes quickly and cost-effectively to meet ever-changing requirements. Combine WISE mobile with RF within your agency and eliminate the need for costly infrastructures to support your internal supply chain. Both functionalities can be combined on the same system. This way you can have the best of both worlds with a fully functioning RF system where supported and the functionality to work in temporary or external spaces with the same system. Again the functionality resides on the handhelds. However, here it automatically uploads to the main system whenever you come into range. It then downloads the information to the main system and receives the new instructions on the unit.

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WMS ROI Calculator

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WMS Implementation Methodologies

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