Since 1984 Royal 4 Systems has been innovating and Customizing ERP Software Solutions. We have customers all around the world. See why companies of all sizes rely on our expertise and proven results.

  • Our advanced process automation technology handles routine tasks and lets you continuously improve processes in response to changing business conditions.
  • Our ERP Software is focused on scalability that lets you add users, products, production sites, or warehouses and make other changes as the business grows.
  • R4 ENTERPRISE™ adapts to your unique business requirements and ensures a smooth, efficient process execution.


The R4 Enterprise ERP software aligns customer demand with supply. Give your company the ability to deliver to customers on time, all the time. The R4 Enterprise System operates in a truly open environment with mainstream operating systems, such as Windows and Unix’s various flavors (Aix, SCO, HP-UX, Linux, etc. ). The application runs on any popular hardware platform, including IBM, DELL, HP, SUN, etc. Royal 4 Systems has hundreds of installations on 6 continents, including the US, Latin America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

Royal 4 Systems Enterprise ERP System

Deliver To Customers On Time, All The Time.

The R4 Enterprise ERP Software is a complete supply chain management solution with financials, distribution, manufacturing, planning, inventory management, and reporting capabilities. R4 enterprise resource planning software adapts to your unique business requirements and ensures smooth, efficient process execution. R4’s advanced process automation technology handles routine tasks and lets you continuously improve processes in response to changing business conditions. Built-in scalability lets you add users, products, production sites, or warehouses and make other changes as the business grows.

The R4 Enterprise ERP Software’s Financials

Adds to Your Competitive Advantage

R4 ENTERPRISE™ resource planning systems incorporate financials that add to a company’s competitive advantage by streamlining financial processes and reducing costs, increasing the accuracy of financial data, and providing better oversight of expenses and cash flow. As a manufacturer or distributor, your needs are focused on individual customer requirements and the ability to respond to volatile customer demands with a variety of products in a very competitive environment. R4’s financial suite of modules (General Ledger, Financial Report Writer, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Accounting, Job Costing, and Payroll) ensures that all these needs are met.

R4 Enterprise ERP Software includes Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)

Delivery, Order Management, Marketing, Forecasting, And More!

As a distributor in a competitive environment, focusing on customer’s needs has never been more important. Getting it right is critical, including on-time delivery, order management, marketing, forecasting, and various other customer needs. You need accurate and immediate information about your inventory. R4’s inventory intelligence helps with the often critical decisions that keep your customers happy with products available as promised.

R4 Manufacturing & Planning

Increase Efficiencies, Improve Quality, Set Obtainable Goals

The R4 manufacturing modules were designed primarily to handle the discrete manufacturer’s requirements with special emphasis on Job Shop, Make-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order, and Make-to-Stock environments. However, R4 production modules have also provided support to companies running repetitive manufacturing and process manufacturing environments.

R4 CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Optimize Customer Relationships By Integrating Customer Information, Sales, And Service

R4 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps companies optimize customer relationships by integrating customer information, sales, and service. Additionally, R4 offers integration to other third party CRM solutions for tracking of marketing events. With the R4 embedded CRM solution set, you can make the most of every interaction with every customer across every channel. As a result, you gain true customer insight, along with the ability to act on that insight.

R4 WISE Automotive Sequencing

Optimize Production Efficiency While Reducing Waste And Parts Storage Space.

The concept of automotive sequencing originated from the just-in-time initiatives introduced by the automotive manufacturers and their suppliers in the early 1990s. According to AMR Research, every year, automakers are accelerating the sequence requirements. Those companies that cannot respond will likely be removed as preferred suppliers. The bottom line is that the suppliers need to increase investments in sequencing, lean, and part traceability to meet pending sequencing requirements. Depending on the manufacturer, the sequencing requirement is referred to by many different names and acronyms, such as ILVS (In-Line Vehicle Sequencing), SPD (Sequenced Parts Delivery), and Just-In-Sequence. Royal 4’s is known as WISE Sequencing.

Don’t take our word for it

See what our customers are saying

Founded in 1965, Smith Optics has become synonymous with innovative, durable, top-quality products in the eyewear, goggle, and helmet market. Smith Optics products are sold in more than 50 countries through specialty and sporting goods stores. Headquartered in Idaho, with centers in Padua, Italy, and Quebec, Canada, and the warehouse and distribution center in Clearfield, Utah.

“With WISE we broke a single day shipping record the first week in operation followed by breaking a single month record with outbound orders the second month in operation. Going Live in our peak season was a challenge only made possible because of the dedicated Royal 4 staff and the great people here at Smith Optics”

Scott Patten

Plant Manager, Smith Optics

PVH has evolved from its 1881 roots to become a diversified global company with over $8.2 billion in revenues. Phillips Van Heusen provides a diversified portfolio of brands including Calvin KleinTommy HilfigerVan HeusenIZODARROW, and Speedo and markets them globally.

“We are happy with Royal 4. We have used their ERP for 27 years and upgraded along the way. We have used the WISE WMS system for several years. Our users like the screens because they have abundant data on them and they are fast. Like any software, we have had to adjust some things along the way but the working relationship with R4 is the best one we have when you look at all of our vendors”.

Bob Bolger

Vice President of Technology, Phillips Van Heusen

Jel Sert was founded in 1926 in Chicago and remains one of the few privately held family-owned companies in America. For nearly 90 years generations of families have enjoyed Jel Sert products which include Royal Pudding, Jolly Rancher, Otter Pops, Fla-Vor-Ice, Wylers Beverages, Wylers Italian Ice, Kool Pops and many other well-known brands sold worldwide.

“There are two things I look at when reviewing software systems – functionality and after-the-sale support.  The WISE warehouse management system has provided superior functionality to our Distribution group since 2002. Royal 4 is the “gold standard” I use for evaluating vendor support – they are simply outstanding”. 

Wil Henry

Director of IT, Jel Sert

Founded in 1979, Fastline has evolved to become one of the largest and most respected providers of warehousing and logistic solutions in Australia. Daily volumes range from 150 000 handling units in low season to in excess of 250 000 handling units per day during peak. A seven day week is worked as required to meet demands of the retail industry.

“Finding a good software solution partner is fairly easy, however delivering one that works as promised takes a lot more.” We feel our partnership with Royal 4 will continue to foster a mutually beneficial outcome. We found their staff to be both knowledgeable and professional. Experience does Count. This was demonstrated in their consulting skills to find out what our actual needs were and fulfill them.”

David Buchannan

Information Services Manager, Fastline Pty Ltd