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Colony Tire chooses Royal 4’s WISE WMS Tire Software


WISE is used to Manage Logistics for Multiple Locations

Colony Tire was founded in 1976 in Rodanthe, NC, with just two gasoline pumps. Over the next few years, the company purchased two small oil companies in Edenton and Roper, NC, and became a Farm Bureau tire dealer. Today, Colony is a multi-million dollar business and one of the leading tire distributors and automotive service providers in North America. With over 25 locations, this premier auto care and tire company serves vehicle owners throughout NC and VA.



According to Andrew Bergeron, Colony Tire‘s executive vice president, “Royal 4‘s partner relationship with ASA Tire Systems, our POS system provider, was a critical factor in our decision but not the only reason. The fact that Royal 4 had hundreds of satisfied customers, experienced engineers and the ability to provide 24/7 support made them the clear choice for Colony Tire.”


After months evaluating different options, Colony Tire chose Royal 4’s WISE warehouse management system for its three distribution centers.


Royal 4 Systems warehouse management system provides an RF solution for inventory receiving, put-away, cross-docking, product location, picking, shipping, tire aging alerts, NAFTA compliance, outbound documentation, and more.

Tire’s Warehouse

“We needed an automated WMS system to help us solve problems with our inventory control, performance levels within our warehouses, and space utilization issues in multiple locations. Royal 4 worked with our IT team to ensure a smooth integration with our Navision ERP system.”

PROCO Products, Inc.

“In addition, while we were aware of other systems that could handle our requirements, we were convinced by Royal 4’s efforts in creating and deploying a test system that used our data that they had the right solution. Royal 4’s technology, support, and commitment to be excellent is second to none.”

Colony Tire

“The entire process was streamlined to meet the high transactional volumes, improve order fill rates and better serve customers. In addition, we have realized a 99% inventory accuracy rate and can better meet customer expectations with significant, accuracy and service improvements.”