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Yard Management Software that will optimize and automate your yard activity!
WISE YMS yard management software maximizes yard and warehouse efficiency by managing the flow of all inbound and outbound goods. Our proven yard management solution enables you to plan, execute, track, and audit loads based on critical characteristics like shipment type, load configuration, labor requirements, and dock and warehouse capacity.

Features include:

Appointment tracking

  • Trailer check-in & check-out
  • Trailer movements
  • Yard inventory report
  • Email alerts
  • Real-time visibility
  • Audit Trail
  • Historical Data Tracking
  • Touch Screen Devices & Graphical User Interface, Android / Windows / iO

Royal 4 Yard Management Software

Royal 4 Systems has over 38 years of experience integrating and programming customizable Yard Management Software Solutions. We have a long history of partnering with and providing solutions for logistics businesses. So, when you have questions and need solutions, we can guide you and provide proven solutions to get the job done.

WISEmove™ – Moving Company Software

Developed for moving companies, WISEmove™ provides solutions to control all aspects of the moving process. Our software is compatible with the latest mobile solutions and platforms to provide rock-solid solutions on the road and in the warehouse.


In distribution, the yard is key to the daily movement of goods

The Yard Management System module is a natural extension of our WISE warehouse management solution. Yard management is the function of managing the inventory of trailers or empty trailers parked outside the warehouse. Yard Management is generally associated with cross-docking operations and may include the management of both inbound and outbound trailers.

Some of the Feature of our Software

multiple Yard
Configure and display multiple yard maps
warehouse dock
Add a warehouse to coordinate and visualize dock activity.
bird eye color
Use a color-coded birds eye view to easily understand more information
Custom Data
Add custom data points to fit your needs
Reconfigure Yard
Reconfigure your yard as it changes or grows.