WISE Food Traceability Software

Ensuring Compliance with US FDA Traceability Rule Requirements (FSMA 204)

With WISE, navigate the complexities of the FDA’s Traceability Rule with confidence. Build a safer, more transparent food supply chain.

The FSMA 204 enforcement date is January 20, 2026.

Empower Your Compliance Journey with Royal 4 Systems

WISE Food Traceability Software is meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of the US FDA’s Traceability Rule. Our comprehensive solution simplifies compliance by efficiently managing critical traceability information:

  1. Reference Document Management: Automatically generate and store reference document types and numbers for seamless traceability.
  2. Location Descriptions: Precisely capture and document the shipping origin and destination locations, including for immediate subsequent recipients.
  3. Shipping Details: Record exact shipping dates, ensuring timely and accurate traceability data.
  4. Product Quantities and Units: Track the quantity of food shipped and its unit of measure, enabling accurate inventory and traceability record-keeping.
  5. Product and Traceability Details: Enhance product safety with detailed descriptions and traceability lot codes linked directly to the source or the Traceability Lot Code (TLC) source reference.

Transform Traceability with Advanced Features

WISE Food Traceability Software goes beyond basic compliance, offering advanced tools for real-time tracking, analytics, and reporting. Ensure your operations not only comply with current regulations but are also prepared for future enhancements in traceability requirements.

Stay Informed and Compliant

With WISE, navigate the complexities of the FDA’s Traceability Rule with confidence. Build a safer, more transparent food supply chain.

Food Traceability and Its Importance for the Industry

Food traceability essentially refers to the ability to follow the path of a given product throughout every stage of its production, processing, and distribution. One of the key reasons for improved food traceability is public safety. The more visibility you have throughout the supply and distribution chain, the greater your ability to prevent and identify potential contamination for a quick response. As we’ve seen in recent years, safety recalls have become rather commonplace — but that can actually be a good thing, as it indicates that the industry has improved its ability to recognize these hazards and ensure consumers are properly notified.

Food Traceability and Its Importance for the Industry

Royal 4 Supply Chain Management Solutions Advance Food Traceability

Now comes the question: how do you improve your food traceability? One obvious solution is with food manufacturing traceability software. Food traceability software provides you with both the transparency and the control you need to fulfill your obligations and achieve your goals. By working with a provider of supply chain management software, you’ll have the tools you need to obtain real-time visibility, reduce overall costs, and prevent safety hazards. With our food traceability software, in the unfortunate event that you have a recall the operation is surgical not global.

Whether you’re a packer for processed foods or a distributor of fresh produce, our food traceability software can improve the accuracy of your tracking and tracing. Our food traceability software and supply chain management software solutions include:

Transform your Warehouse into a Competitive Advantage.

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