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Warehouse Execution System (WES), Royal 4 – WISE

Royal 4 Systems WISE – Warehouse Execution System (WES) is the product of 35+ years of development and innovation. WISE – WES is the tool used by companies large and small to manage and coordinate the physical flow of raw materials, parts, to products from receiving through shipping.

  • Reactive – Real-Time Systems Provide Accurate Inventory Data
  • Organizes Sequences For Just In Time Inventory
  • Directs Resources People and Automation Systems
    • Receiving – Checking & Sorting Inbound Parts for Storage
    • Put Away Tasks for Received Goods Into Storage.
    • Replenishment of Picking Locations form Storage
    • Picking of Customer Orders
    • Order Assembly
    • Checking and Packing; Loading and Shipping

The Modular Functionality of your WISE – Warehouse Execution System Allows you to Decide What to Implement, as Your Business Grows.

The modules 3PL, WMS, ERP, Financials, Yard Management, Dock door scheduling, and WISE Ship are sold as a suite or can be decoupled.

Poiesz Supermarkets

“In the 12 years that WISE has been supporting the logistics operations at Poiesz, WISE has proven itself as a stable Warehouse Management System for our supermarket distribution centers. A WMS in which you can quickly configure thanks to the flexibility of the application.”

Kreg Tool

“I wanted to share some good news with the Royal 4 team. We have gone from the high 80% range to consistently being above 99.5% on our daily inventory accuracy, and we have done this while increasing our on-hand inventory by 50%! It has not been an easy journey but we are here.”

Jel Sert

“There are two things I look at when reviewing software systems – functionality and after-the-sale support. The WISE warehouse management system has provided superior functionality to our Distribution group since 2002. Royal 4 is the “gold standard” I use for evaluating vendor support.”