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Supply Chain Solutions

Full suite of end-to-end supply chain software solutions for over 37 years, that enable supply chain optimization for companies worldwide.

“There are two things I look at when reviewing software systems – functionality and after-the-sale support.  The WISE warehouse management system has provided superior functionality to our Distribution group since 2002. Royal 4 is the “gold standard” I use for evaluating vendor support – they are simply outstanding

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Providing technology-based logistics solutions including software, services, and hardware for multi-national operations since 1984. Our Rules based WMS has been developed throughout the years to encompass all necessary basic and advance function a warehouse needs.


“Windhorst chose Royal 4’s WISE solution after looking at several other 3PL systems in the market. Our goal was to find a Warehouse Management System that matches our corporate strategy of being able to fulfill very specific customer needs and being able to quickly adapt when these needs change.”

Klein Bros. Holdings, Ltd

“Of the systems we evaluated, Royal 4 showed us how easily this information could be retrieved and sent from both the WMS and ERP back to our customer. Royal 4 has been an excellent partner to Klein Brothers and we appreciate how well we have worked together over the past eight years.”

UK Mail

“Royal 4 demonstrated how they could handle this requirement by developing a pilot test system that simulated the WISE UK Mail system as it pertained to multiple locations. We realized that Royal 4 understood service and support and these elements were given the utmost attention.”

World-Class Supply Chain Solutions

Providing technology-based logistics solutions including software, services, and hardware for multi-national operations since 1984.

We are authors, not just dealers

You are always dealing with the original software code writers (not dealers) when you own the WISE system. Any modifications/configurations needed can be facilitated quickly and efficiently, and all implementation and support staff are based in our main facility in southern California.

Shipping Integration

Royal 4 has been integrating our WISE Warehouse Management system to most major shipping platforms for many years. These include: ConnectShip, ClipperShip, InfoShip, ADSI, CLI, Mercury Gate, UPS and FedEx carrier systems to name a few. These systems accommodate parcel, Freight, LTL, TL,  Ship prepaid, 3rd party, COD, or Freight Collect, required International paperwork at the time of shipment, visibility to detailed tracking information, Multi-carrier shipping from one screen, rate shopping … and much more. Royal 4 engineers will evaluate your shipping needs during the operational assessment and recommend the appropriate shipping partner. Royal 4 can also interface with the customers incumbent shipping system.

The WISE system is delivered with EPM and ELS

The Employee Performance Module and  Engineered Labor Module are included with the system. This gives the user the option to use the standard employee performance monitor initially and should the more robust ELS be needed later it will be available.

Royal 4 has been vetted by top tier companies

Lineage, Toyo Tires, Univar, Atlas Van Lines, Akzo Nobel, Phillips Van Heusen, Mitsubishi, Zodiac Aerospace, UK Mail, Target, and many other major corporations were all exposed to our competitor’s WMS offerings on the market and chose the Royal 4 solution. There are many significant reasons for this.

The Leading WMS Software for “New Age” B2C/DTC Fulfillment Businesses

Improve your warehousing and inventory management operations by implementing the most flexible warehouse and inventory software for online sellers, distributors, wholesalers, and 3PLs.


Warehouse Management

WISE warehouse management system improves operations, minimizing costs, and increasing productivity.

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Third Party Logistics

Since 1984 Royal 4 Systems has been innovating and Customizing 3PL Software Solutions. We have customers all around the world. See why companies of all sizes rely on our expertise and proven results.

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Warehouse Execution System

WISE – WES is the tool used by companies large and small to manage and coordinate the physical flow of raw materials, parts, to products from receiving through shipping.

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Feedback is important to us, it let’s us move forward and create innovative additions to our existing products. Check out some of the logistics implementations that we did for some of our customers.

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Case Studies

We are proud of our 36 years experience providing top notch software to the logistics industry. We have compiled a lot of case studies throughout the years for prospects to peruse and use them as they see fit.

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