Royal 4 Systems has developed a mission-critical solution WISE – Warehouse To Go – WMS to manage resources and supplies in the event of an emergency. WISE is instrumental for the deployment and execution of State, County, and Metropolitan areas to receive, distribute, and dispense medical assets received from CDC’s Strategic National Stockpile. WISE’s WTG (warehouse to go) can ensure continued readiness. WTG is designed to conform to the CDC and state public health reviews to assess the plans for each local jurisdiction within their CRI (City Readiness Initiative) in MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Areas). WISE is Warehouse Information Systems Expert.

For public sector agencies that require hosting in the GovCloud region of any FedRAMP enabled cloud provider, Royal 4 is fully compatible with that deployment requirement.


This kind of power and flexibility is a distinct advantage to Public Health & Safety Initiatives in that automation of the rules and business processes can save a great deal of time and effort by staff because WISE is doing the heavy lifting for you. The flexibility of WISE is not found in tier one systems at twice or three times the price. The configurability of WISE creates a solution that is easier to maintain, update and upgrade including the systems it is integrated with. You won’t be tied to an expensive consulting engagement every time there is a new upgrade or release. During the implementation, we will train your IT staff on every component of the system. So, if you find that your circumstances change and you need to adjust a process or multiple processes, you can change your workflows and processes in WISE – Warehouse To Go – WMS easily!

Rules Based

You choose how you want the workflows to operate, how the automated alerting functions, who gets notified for an out of compliance condition, what kind of escalation procedures you want executed when there is a discrepancy in an item count for an asset/inventory item, for instance. We help you to determine the most efficient way to execute your business procedures and enforce the rules you require, and automate as much of the process as possible. Plus, you can have an unlimited number of rules applied to an unlimited number of definable attributes in asset/inventory.

Detailed Reporting Capabilities


WISE employs Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for published service activity (i.e. Web services) and support HIPAA for the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI), HL7 for healthcare industry standard communications and Public Health Information Network (PHIN) guidelines for maximum systems interoperability.


Along with WISE, Royal 4 Systems will provide the services and support, including end-to-end implementation using PEMBOK project methodology, Customer Care, training and customized implementation documentation materials. Key personnel include a Project Manager who you will have direct cell phone number for contact and has completed dozens of enterprise wide WISE projects, supported as needed by a technical manager, a Web Developer and Documentation and Training Lead.

Capture Value Added Scenarios


In WISE you can include an unlimited number of attributes to any item in inventory and have a variety of ways to sort search and report on them. Additionally, you can ‘kit’ inventory/asset, where you have a multiple components that you want to aggregate; such as a computer (for instance) with multiple software components and peripherals.


You can view the asset/inventory and its valuation, and drill into the single components, serial numbers, lot numbers expirations dates and any other attribute associated with the individual components attached to that inventory or asset/inventory item.


You can check the asset/inventory in and out, view who is in possession of the asset/inventory and the condition of the asset/inventory item when it was last in the warehouse.

Gain better financial and process control over your agency.

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Our warehouse management software application suite (WISE) is the core of our Supply Chain Solution.

WISE for Emergency Management and Response


Royal 4 Systems has developed a mission-critical solution (WISE) to manage resources and supplies in the event of an emergency.


WMS Checklist

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WMS Implementation Methodologies:

WMS Implementation Methodologies

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