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Warehouse Control System

Our warehouse control system directs the real-time activities within the warehouse and distribution centers rather than individually controlling automation devices. It provides management with a comprehensive view of the warehouse. This includes everything from basic conveyors to more complex systems like sorters, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), goods-to-person, palletizing/depalletizing, print and apply labeling, and other technologies. This is accomplished by interacting with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and managing inventory flow throughout the facility.

Our Warehouse Control System is responsible for:

  • Increase warehouse throughput and capacity.
  • Locating and correcting malfunctions as soon as possible.
  • Choosing the most efficient product routing and sending instructions to the equipment controllers.
  • Increasing visibility in daily tasks.
  • Ensure material visibility throughout the automation chain.
Warehouse Control System Uses


Warehouse control systems are critical for those who run a highly automated facility to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that orders are tracked as they move through the facility using automation systems. Our WCS connect warehouse management software and material handling equipment. To improve your warehouse completely, it is often not enough to simply change applications; you must also improve systems and processes.

Vendors Independence

True vendor independence

Our Warehouse Control System manages material handling equipment from all major vendors.
Automation Solutions

All automation solutions are supported

Virtually all automation technologies, such as shuttle systems, high bay warehouses, automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), and others, can be seamlessly integrated.
WCS Seamless Integration

Seamless vertical integration

The integration of processes from the Warehouse Management System to the logic controller in the Material Handling Equipment ensures that the automation equipment is controlled optimally.

Visibility of the entire material flow from beginning to end

Intuitive graphical dashboards display system data and enable continuous operation optimization.
Scalable Solution

WCS Scalable solution

The Royal 4 WCS scales to accommodate increasing transaction volumes.