WMS for Automotive WD


    Royal 4 is confident in our ability to meet your challenges.

    • A reduction in inventory levels, as well as capital and space
    • A reduction in out-of-stocks, delivering a potential increase in sales
    • Ability to utilize warehouse space, where it will provide value
    • A reduction in costs, through tighter management of shipments
    • The ability to support new product lines, that improve profitability
    • A faster invoicing and payment cycle, with real-time visibility
    • Ability to provide customers with real-time order status
    • Reduces field sales cycle times by enabling faster order fulfillment


WMS Solutions For The Automotive WD

Recognized for a “Unified Product Suite” WISE is uniquely suited to your requirements as an Automotive Warehouse Distributor

Proven Results In Auto Industry

Royal 4 Systems and WISE, are proven in complex warehouse, distribution and Supply Chain, for the automotive industry.

Simple “Directed” User Interface

WISE supports a wide variety of ERP connectivity, as well as analytics, with a simple “directed” user interface.

Compliant with Industry Standards

WISE ensures all business rules and processes are enforced, tracked, reported in the inventory records and maintains full compliance to all industry standards.

Effectively Manage Resources and Down-Time Events

We understand your desire to decrease inventory, handling and shipping costs, by effectively managing resources and down-time events. Addressing root-cause analysis and focusing on preventive/predictive activities, are necessary for continuous improvements. Increasing employee skills, pride and personal responsibility, coupled with systematic cost control measures, means you will be well positioned, to quickly expand focus, with less effort and a more predictable outcome.

  • Recognized Leader

    Since 1986, Royal 4 Systems has delivered visibility, control and synchronization over warehouse and supply chain operations, in some of the world’s most recognizable customers such as ARD Logistics, Jelsert, Toyo Tires and Lexani Wheels.

  • Compliant

    WISE is recognized for delivering value, by addressing material synchronization, efficiency, quality and compliance for regulated products.

  • Lower Costs

    WISE is recognized for delivering value, by addressing reduced information technology overhead costs, new product introduction support and increasing returns on other enterprise systems.

  • Proven Solutions

    Royal 4 Systems has successfully deployed solutions, on six continents, for hundreds of customers. Royal 4 Systems has proven its ability to support Systems Integrators, who deploy our solutions on-time and on-budget, reducing project risk and costs.

  • Experienced

    Our confidence in our ability to deliver results, is based on our experience and broad solution capabilities.

  • Connectivity

    Our WISE WMS solution, dovetails into other enterprise applications, with little overlap or functional conflict.