Fastline Chooses WISE 3PL WMS Software & Royal 4’s Advanced Material Handling Equipment Integration



5 Warehouses All Powered by Royal 4 WMS

Fastline is a privately owned business that attributes its success and history of exponential growth around being customer driven, progressive and market leading in its delivery of standards-based and customer dedicated solutions. Founded in 1979, Fastline has evolved to become one of the largest and most respected providers of warehousing and logistic solutions in Australia. Since then, over the next 30 years, we have grown from a single site of 3000m2 to what we have today. Fastline currently operates 5 sites covering a combined space of 120 000m2 all powered by Royal 4 Systems Warehouse Management Systems



The issues facing Fastline that Royal 4 solved were:

  • Accuracy:   “On a recent audited count for this chain out of over 20,000 items we were off by only 38 pieces an accuracy rate of 99.8%)”
  • Rising costs:  “We have reduced both staff and gained accuracy while shipping more goods than before”
  • Speed of the system:   “Our problem with the previous software was the speed and accuracy, both have been solved by WISE

“Finding a good software solution partner is fairly easy, however delivering one that works as promised takes a lot more.” We feel our partnership with Royal 4 will continue to foster a mutually beneficial outcome. We found their staff to be both knowledgeable and professional. Experience does Count. This was demonstrated in their consulting skills to find out what our actual needs were and fulfill them.”

David Buchanan, IT Director – Fastline Ops


“With the previous system we were shipping 6,500 packages a day, with WISE we are shipping over 25,000 packages a day with greater accuracy , speed and fewer pickers, we can pick up to 16 orders simultaneously”

Claxton Cold Storage

“Claxton moves millions of frozen chickens on a regular basis and the WISE 3PL billing module allows us to calculate the VAS invoice to 5 decimal points which makes the billing much more accurate. We also needed a system that could work for the dry goods areas of our business.”

Wholesale Frozen Foods

“Since implementing the WISE system we have seen more productivity than we thought we would. This was good news to the entire staff. Training new employees takes less effort now, and the accuracy of not just inventory but receiving, putaway, picking and shipping has markedly improved.”


“Service Cold Storage selected Royal 4’s WMS solution because of some key and important reasons. First, we required a system that would be able to perform in both freezers and dry goods areas simultaneously. I’m a huge Royal 4 advocate given my experience and implementation of many WMS Systems.”

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WMS ROI Calculator

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WMS Implementation Methodologies

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