WISE 3PL System by Royal 4 quickly and efficiently links all your operations by optimally synchronizing people, equipment, and inventory.

The 3PL warehousing industry is filled with unprecedented growth opportunities, particularly due to the multi-dimensional growth of the e-commerce sector. This increased influx of business needs updated organizational and operational techniques for smooth warehousing, increasing profits, and ensuring business growth. By implementing all of these processes, you can be sure about boosting the profitability and improving warehousing productivity during peak seasons. Royal 4 Systems 3PL software can help you accomplish that goal.


WISE 3PL System, Royal 4 System’s collaborative distribution and supply chain execution solution, delivers total coordination of receiving, putaway, warehousing, shipping, and third party billing operations as they occur.

  • WISE 3PL supports your lean distribution initiatives by spotlighting value-add activities while standardizing your operating processes.
  • Order demand is fulfilled directly from warehouses, distribution outlets, or production without the delays associated with batch and frequently outdated planning cycles.
  • Royal 4 3PL system is a comprehensive enterprise solution that promotes collaboration between your employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners.

WISE – 3PL SYSTEM Eliminates Redundant Setups

Order consolidation and sequencing eliminate redundant setups and teardowns in a multi customer, multi-sku environment.

WISE – 3PL SYSTEM Eliminates Paperwork Costs

WISE – 3PL SYSTEM Eliminates Paperwork Costs

Paperless transactions eliminate paperwork costs while maximizing quality. Paperless scan-and-verify logistics eliminates picking and shipping errors.

WISE – 3PL SYSTEM Improves Customer Satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction resulting from better responsiveness to customer needs, improved product quality, shipping accuracy, and billing accuracy.

WISE – 3PL SYSTEM Improves Customer Satisfaction



Improved customer satisfaction resulting from better responsiveness to customer needs, improved product quality, shipping accuracy and billing accuracy.


Cross docking reduces inventories and eliminates redundant picking and put-away activity.


Accurate, up-to-date inventory visibility maximizes order fill rates, accelerates revenues, and minimizes inventory control costs.


Proposes put away tasks according to your warehouse navigation rules for each individual customer.


Performs and keeps track of all value added functions and bills accordingly using the Royal 4 world class ERP billing system.


Warehouse location profiling, navigation logic, and task interleaving eliminate backtracking and deadheading.

Fastline Pty Ltd

“The WISE 3PL WMS system solved many problems for us. On a recent audited count for a large retailer, out of over 20,000 items we were off by only 38 pieces which is an accuracy rate of 99.8%. We have reduced staff and gained accuracy while shipping more goods than before.”

Wholesale Frozen Foods

“Since implementing the WISE system we have seen more productivity than we thought we would. This was good news to the entire staff. Training new employees takes less effort now, and the accuracy of not just inventory but receiving, putaway, picking and shipping has markedly improved.”


“Service Cold Storage selected Royal 4’s WMS solution because of some key and important reasons. First, we required a system that would be able to perform in both freezers and dry goods areas simultaneously. I’m a huge Royal 4 advocate given my experience and implementation of many WMS Systems.”

Transform your Warehouse into a Competitive Advantage.

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Our warehouse management software application suite (WISE) is the core of our Supply Chain Solution.

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WMS ROI Calculator

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WMS Checklist

WMS Checklist

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WMS Implementation Methodologies

WMS Implementation Methodologies

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