WISE Demand Forecasting Software

WISE Demand Forecasting Software tackles four troublesome areas that, if not properly managed, can undermine the validity of a company’s forecasting processes.

  • Demand cleansing
  • Seasonal profiling
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Exception management
Demand forecasting is an important process in supply chain management because it helps with minimizing the risk of overproduction or underproduction. It can also help with inventory management, production planning, and customer service levels.
Demand forecasting software is used by a wide range of industries, including clothing manufacturers, food and beverage producers, automobile manufacturers, and many others. It is most often used in manufacturing industries where it is necessary to predict demand in order to maximize production efficiency and profitability. Demand forecasts are also important for retailers who need accurate predictions in order to plan inventory levels. Demand forecasting is a process that helps predict customer demand for your items. Buying too much inventory wastes time, money and valuable warehouse space, not to mention lost revenue for having to liquidate overstocks. Mismanaging your customers demand leads to backorders, cancellations and unsatisfied customers who turn to your competitors.

Demand Forecasting Software Solutions

Demand Cleansing

Promotions, markdowns, weather and entry errors are just some of the factors that can distort your forecasts. WISE Demand Forecasting Software has built-in demand cleansing so that forecasters won’t be misled by these anomalies.

Demand Forecasting Software – Demand Cleansing
Seasonal Profiling

Seasonal Profiling

WISE Demand Forecasting helps you identify trends and seasonal patterns to get a clear picture of the selling curve for a specific time period, product and location. This automatically accounts for seasonal curves related to moving holidays and uses advanced profiling science that selects and assigns the best profile from multiple profile options.

Demand Forecasting

Whether initializing a forecast for the first time, re-initializing after a structural change in demand history or periodically updating the forecast based on recent demand. WISE Demand Forecasting uses a process that dynamically senses demand and adapts the proper forecasting components that give the best forecast for ordering materials.

Demand Forecasting
Exception Management

Exception Management

Our WISE Advanced Exception Management gives you the flexibility to adjust the business rules that govern the creation and management of exceptions. This improves productivity by enabling automatic detection and self-correction of many problems.

Royal 4’s WISE Demand Forecasting Software manages the balancing act between minimizing inventory investment and optimizing revenue opportunities. It provides a sophisticated, yet easy to use solution to the forecasting challenges that overwhelm many companies. WISE overcomes these challenges by providing a single source for statistical demand forecasting throughout the enterprise. WISE Demand Forecasting does the heavy statistical lifting to provide the best trended, seasonally adjusted forecast possible. This frees your planners and buyers to concentrate their time on the fine points of merchandise planning and inventory optimization. WISE Demand Forecasting is synchronized with your ERP Software to help manage Financial Planning, Item Planning, and Inventory Optimization. This ensures that you always have the right items in stock, ready to sell.

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