The R4 ERP manufacturing software modules are designed for both discrete and process manufacturing with special emphasis on:

  • Lot and serial tracking
  • Unlimited indented formulations and bill of material
  • Capacity Management
  • Make to order / stock
  • Production Work Orders
  • MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • Repetitive manufacturing
  • Engineer to Order
  • Job Shop
  • Sequencing
  • Discrete and Process manufacturing supported


“Metraflex has been a successful business partner with Royal 4 for over 18 years. The WISE and R4 ERP system has increased our efficiency immeasurably. During all these years, Royal 4 has responded quickly and efficiently to all of our issues and has kept up with the latest supply chain technologies.”

PROCO Products, Inc.

“In addition, while we were aware of other systems that could handle our requirements, we were convinced by Royal 4’s efforts in creating and deploying a test system that used our data that they had the right solution. Royal 4’s technology, support, and commitment to be excellent is second to none.”

Ace Relocation Systems, Inc

“Our decision was based on Royal 4’s 4th generation database platform and the ability to handle our unique business processes including but not limited to: Complete vault management, commercial project tracking, customer online access, and customer and dispatch tasking ERP integration.”

Manufacturing Design
(Bill of Materials/Formulas)

  • Costed bill of materials
  • Automatic calculation with cost entry
  • User defined & easy data entry
  • Outside processing tracked
  • Indented BoM with unlimited levels
  • Complete sub-assembly support
  • Phantom support
  • Source compare
  • Cost roll-up
Manufacturing Design

Production with ERP Manufacturing Software

  • Automatic inventory/lot allocation if desired
  • Produces labor reports by employee, work order, operation, and work center
  • Variance reporting
  • Dispatch list by operation
  • Production work orders
  • WIP tracking & costing
  • Component Inventory control
  • Backflushing & kanban supported

Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) Software

Our manufacturing software’s Materials Requirement Planning module is designed to improve efficiency and productivity for your business. Take your ERP to the next level with quality features such as:

  • Complete Integration to all other modules
  • Pegs requirements to next or top-level assembly
  • Supports phantoms
  • User-defined planning periods (unlimited)
  • Exception reporting
  • Bar Code Compatible
  • Demand generated from orders & forecasts
  • User infinite backward scheduling logic
  • Infinite Planning
Materials Requirement Planning
Capacity Management

Capacity Management

with ERP Manufacturing Software

  • Maximize Manufacturing Efficiencies
  • Full utilization of all resources
  • Check on availability without running MRP
  • What if capabilities
  • Work Center Control
  • Machine Control