Your comprehensive ERP solution provider. Within our suite of ERP solutions, including CRM integration, EDI integration, Job Shop, E-WISE Optional web enablement, Touchless delivery, and Yard Management, the R4 CRM stands as a pivotal component.



(true EDI)

Job Shop

Job Shop

Manage special projects



Optional Web

Touchless Delivery

Touchless Delivery




Yard Management System (Optional)



Manufacturing Execution System


Our CRM module empowers companies to optimize customer relationships by seamlessly integrating customer information, sales, and service processes. Furthermore, R4 ERP extends its capabilities with seamless CRM integration, allowing for effortless collaboration with third-party CRM solutions, ensuring a holistic approach to tracking marketing events and enhancing your business operations.


“Metraflex has been a successful business partner with Royal 4 for over 18 years. The WISE and R4 ERP system has increased our efficiency immeasurably. During all these years, Royal 4 has responded quickly and efficiently to all of our issues and has kept up with the latest supply chain technologies.”

PROCO Products, Inc.

“In addition, while we were aware of other systems that could handle our requirements, we were convinced by Royal 4’s efforts in creating and deploying a test system that used our data that they had the right solution. Royal 4’s technology, support, and commitment to be excellent is second to none.”

Ace Relocation Systems, Inc

“Our decision was based on Royal 4’s 4th generation database platform and the ability to handle our unique business processes including but not limited to: Complete vault management, commercial project tracking, customer online access, and customer and dispatch tasking ERP integration.”

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • App on Cell phone accesses system for entries by salesmen
  • Integration to Prospecting CRM’s
  • Customer centric

EDI (true EDI)

  • Complies with older systems like Edifact & R4 used in mainframe companies like Walmart, Kroger, GM, etc.
  • Also works with newer platforms like Shopify & Magento
  • Royal has EDI experts on staff for your convenience

Job Shop

  • Keep track of costs of Prototyping
  • Manage special projects
  • Job to date, Year to date, period to date reporting, vs. budget
  • Cost detailed for the life of the project, NOT tied to financial periods
  • P&L on projects
  • Separate Billing & POs if needed
  • Reports to GL for monthly closings
job shop
On Premise Data Center vs Cloud Data Center for your WMS

E-WISE Optional Web Enablement

  • View Inventory Quantities
  • View Inventory Availability
  • Enter Orders Remotely
  • View Order Status
  • Enter Expected Receipts
  • Expected Receipt Status Look-Up
  • Administer Email Notifications
  • Shipment Info On Orders
  • Get Reports / Queries
  • Create Inventory Moves

Touchless Delivery (Optional)

A delivery solution that elevates the customer experience, improves profits, and achieves 100% order accuracy.

Contactless Delivery
On Premise Data Center vs Cloud Data Center for your WMS

Yard Management (YMS) Optional

  • Supports multiple yards
  • Automatic Gate Check-in
  • Dock Scheduling
  • Log in from cellphone by drivers
  • Click here for more information

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Track and report the transformation of raw materials to your finished products. The ERP System helps your manufacturing team to understand how conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production and output. Integrates with existing systems within the production process (e.g., inputs, personnel, machines, and support services) to enable real-time control.


Transform your Warehouse into a Competitive Advantage.

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Our warehouse management software application suite (WISE) is the core of our Supply Chain Solution.

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WMS ROI Calculator

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WMS Implementation Methodologies

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