How Wise WMS Can Improve Inventory Management

A key part of running any business is the ability to quickly and accurately keep track of inventory. Mistakes in inventory can lead to various complications throughout the supply chain, while delays in inventory can slow down business. Knowing what is in stock and where it’s located is an important part of providing great service to your customers. However, only 33% of retailers have access to the right tech that allows them to show customers their available inventory online.

With the right supply chain management software, your business can stay ahead of the inventory game and create smooth, trustworthy transactions with customers. Wise WMS (warehouse management system) is an inventory management software system that can make tracking and updating inventory easier than ever. It offers a wide range of features that utilize real-time information when it comes to areas such as location tracking, inventory, and cross-docking.

Real-Time Inventory

Knowing what inventory is available the moment it becomes available can be the difference between an order that gets out the door on time and one that is shipped out late. Wise WMS provides real-time inventory updates so that you always know what is available and when. This includes a cross-docking feature that will alert you if an item has just entered the available inventory that is needed for an outbound order. This supply chain management software allows for easier picking and packing as well as faster order shipping.

Order Tracking

Part of a strong inventory management system is the ability to track orders. Inventory can change when orders are canceled or when a wave of new orders comes in. Being able to follow orders through their entire process helps your business to provide accurate counts of available items. It also helps to keep customers properly informed and will allow workers to predict any delays so that customers can be notified.

Quick Alerts

Wise WMS also helps keep you up to date promptly. It’s crucial to know about changes in inventory and order status right away so that the right information is being conveyed to customers. Quick and accurate notifications allow you to stay informed as the day goes on and assures that you won’t be out of the loop when changes occur.

A Dynamic Software

Making inventory management easier isn’t the only thing that this supply chain management software can do. It can also assist with picking and packing, quality assurance, assembly, and more. With the help of Wise WMS, your business can run smoothly and be consistently updated on the most important information.

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