Royal 4 Systems Forms Strategic Partnership with Arise Cannabis

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LONG BEACH, CA. – Royal 4 Systems, a leading cloud-based WMS, Seed-to-Sale, ERP and POS for Cannabis businesses, announced today that their platform will automate the following at Arise Cannabis: point-of-sale, B2B wholesale distribution, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, reporting and METRC compliance.

Salespeople pick up a predefined inventory from the warehouse to deliver to the dispensaries that is tracked and recorded via METRC ID. Warehouse and salespeople log status via mobile devices. Royal 4 engineers are also providing in-depth cannabis knowledge, and unlike other implementations where outside 3rd party consultants are used, Royal 4 engineers are in-house, factory trained employees which ensures a successful implementation.

According to Dan Haggard, Arise Director of Operations, before engaging Royal 4 and their Cannabis solution, spreadsheets ruled the day from managing space, work in process, strain/tissue culture and inventory replenishment. Arise needed an easier way to track inventory, eliminate the on-the-fly inventory management for its sales reps and create a dashboard for owner and investor viewing. “The main goal was to eliminate the manual drudgery of maintaining and supporting spreadsheets in order to free up more time to manage the business and be able to pro-actively plan hot strains and customer demand”, said Haggard.

Jess Noguera, President of Royal 4 Systems says, “The ROI on our warehouse management software is usually less than one year. Our customers have realized as high as 99 percent inventory accuracy and a 25 percent increase in warehouse efficiency resulting in room for growth without having to add additional people. This represents a significant impact to the P&L bottom line each and every year.”

About Royal 4 Systems, Inc. – Since 1984 Royal 4 Systems has been providing leading software solutions for the supply chain. With customer and industry direction, Royal engineers have focused on designing the definitive warehouse management solution. Royal 4’s staff of professional engineers has spent decades on research and development solving some of the most difficult challenges facing the supply chain industry. They know from years of experience what their client’s requirements are and they strive to fulfill their customers’ requirements in every aspect of their work. You can find Royal 4 Cannabis Solutions at:

About Arise Cannabis. – Based in Veneta, Oregon, Arise has harnessed the next generation technology to grow unique cannabis flower, strains and phenotypes. Cultivators tailor growing conditions down to the level of individual plants and each plant, flower and bud grows to the best possible version of itself. Its advanced farming approach provides unprecedented control over every element per air, water, light and nourishment. Arise Cannabis has pioneered development in pod farming designed to control and advance cultivation cycles. In addition to cultivation, Arise Cannabis manufactures distillate THC products and distributes through direct sales to dispensaries.


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