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Barry Hollowell has been Colony Tire’s Logistics manager since 1995. Barry has been a driving force behind Colony Tire’s quest to look at all available options in the supply chain marketplace. After careful research Barry recommended the WISE Tire Warehouse Manager System for Colony Tire as the best overall solution available for Colony Tire’s warehousing operations.

For his dedication Royal 4 Systems is honored to induct Barry Hollowell into our elite coalition known as WISE Leaders.

Quote from Barry Hollowell:
“We knew that an automated solution would help us resolve not only our inventory control issues and overall performance levels within our warehouses but also our space utilization problem.  Since implementing the WISE Tire Warehouse Manager System, we have realized operational benefits by significantly improving how tires are received, put away, picked, and staged for delivery.  The entire process was streamlined to meet the high transactional volumes, improve order fill rates, and better serve customers.  In addition, we have realized a 99% inventory accuracy rate and can better meet customer expectations with significant, accuracy and service improvements.  Royal 4 had a partner relationship with our point of sale systems provider, 100’s of satisfied customers, experienced engineers, tire industry experience, and the ability to provide 24×7 support, which made them a perfect fit for Colony Tire.

-Barry Hollowell, Logistics Manager


Founded: 1976
Headquarters: Edenton, NC
Revenue: $110 million Annually
Number of Locations: 42
Employees and exclusive contractors: Over 450

Colony Tire is one of the largest commercial and wholesale tire dealers on the east coast with 40 locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  The company is a leader in providing passenger, truck, agricultural and industrial tires to dealers, fleets and consumers.  Colony Tire also operates a Michelin MRT Retread plant that provides high-quality retread truck tires to national, regional and local fleets. Barry Hollowell joined Colony Tire in 1976 and has been instrumental in helping the company manage its business and logistics operations for forty years.  In 2010, Barry realized that their system could not support the increasing transaction volume and that the only way they could continue to deliver the highest levels of customer service it had been accustomed to providing its customers, was through the effective use of technology.  Barry and his team evaluated different systems, visited with other tire dealers and chose to implement the WISE Tire Warehouse Manager System

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