Jim Warren – CLAXTON COLD STORAGE – Selects WISE WMS 3PL System


Jim Warren General Manager, CLAXTON COLD STORAGE

Jim Warren has been with Claxton Cold Storage since the beginning. Jim’s background and experience in the cold storage industry were instrumental in the vetting of the current available systems and eventual choice of the WISE WMS 3PL cold Storage system for Claxton Cold Storage. Jim has also been extremely helpful in assisting the Royal 4 implementation technical team in the integration to their host environment which resulted in a painless transition to getting the system up and running. For his outstanding achievement, Royal 4 Systems is pleased to induct Jim Warren as the newest member of the elite WISE leaders’ program.

Quote from Jim Warren:

“After evaluating several of the mainstream offerings in the market, Claxton Cold Storage selected the WISE 3PL for cold storage for several reasons. We needed a program that could accommodate many of our diverse customers and their specific needs. One example of this is Kroger foods. Claxton moves millions of frozen chickens on a regular basis and the WISE 3PL billing module allows us to calculate the VAS invoice to 5 decimal points which makes the billing much more accurate. We also needed a system that could work for the dry goods areas of our business. After performing an onsite operational study, Royal 4 engineers crafted the WISE system to do just what we needed. This resulted in a rapid deployment at go-live. I have personally been involved in several major software implementations and based on my experience I can say without hesitation that the Royal 4 team is second to none in the precise evaluation and deployment of the WISE 3PL cold storage solution

-Jim Warren, General Manager


Notable Achievments
Headquarters 6424 Highway 301 Claxton, Georgia 30417
Founded: 1994
Employees and exclusive contractors: 72
Located in Claxton, Georgia, their 120,000 square foot facility offers 100,000 square feet of freezer space with ammonia refrigeration. And a total of 2 million cubic feet of cold storage space. Freezer areas are computer controlled and monitored to ensure reliability, and all merchandise is racked to protect stored products. In addition to a state-of-the-art computerized refrigeration system, Claxton Cold Storage offers equipment for bulk movement and pallet shuttle service, as well as blast capacity for quick-freezing. Inventory control is computerized to guarantee accuracy and sent out to customers on a daily basis.

The remaining 15,000 square feet of the building houses a truck dock, machine room, battery charging area, and administrative offices.

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