Paul Lewis – UK MAIL – Selects WISE Warehouse Management System (WMS) Software


Paul Lewis IT Integration Manager – UK Mail

Paul Lewis has been with UK Mail since 2010. Paul’s background and experience helped in the evaluation of the then current available systems and eventual choice of the WISE WMS system for UK Mail. Paul has also been instrumental in assisting the Royal 4 implementation team in all aspects of the discovery and installation process, insuring a smooth and seamless transition to go-live. For his outstanding achievement Royal 4 Systems is please to induct Paul Lewis as the newest member of the elite WISE leaders program.

Quote from Paul Lewis:
“UK Mail chose Royal 4’s WMS solution because we felt they understood some of our unique requirements. First, we required a system that would be able to scale out to all of our locations. Royal 4 demonstrated how they could handle this requirement by developing a pilot test system that simulated the WISE UK Mail system as it pertained to multiple locations. Second, because we handle mail the importance of security features that we could manipulate was extremely important to us and our partner companies. We realized that Royal 4 understood service and support and these elements were given the utmost attention. Because of this and other consideration, UK Mail is a dedicated partner of Royal 4’s service and technology. We are constantly looking for new and better technology, and I can highly recommend Royal 4 for this.”
-Paul Lewis, IT Integration Manager


Notable Achievments
Founded: 1971
Headquarters: United Kingdom
Locations: 220 Countries Served
2016 Revenue £481m
Employees and Exclusive Contracts 60+ in 50 Offices Worldwide

UK Mail is one the UK’s leading integrated postal operators, delivering and collecting over 3 billion mail items and 50 million parcels per annum. As part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, they have an extensive delivery network which covers the UK and over 220 countries. UK Mail originated as a taxi firm in 1971 and in just a few years, evolved into a national business offering same day courier and overnight parcel delivery. By 1986, the now much larger company became Business Post and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1993.  Business Post expanded into Mail and International delivery, and in 2009 became known as UK Mail. Since then the business has built an extensive range of products including digital mail and print, online parcel booking and specialist retail services. These services are all underpinned by our developing IT solutions. During December 2016, UK Mail was acquired by Deutsche Post DHL which means they now form part of the world’s leading Mail and Logistics firms. UK Mail and the DHL Group are focused on being the first choice for customers, employees and investors in its core business activities worldwide. UK Mail has a national network of more than 50 sites in the UK and covers more than 220 countries with 2500 vehicles. This enables the company to provide a unique service with both a full range of time-sensitive and secure delivery options for parcels and mail.

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