WISE – Just In Time Inventory was developed in the 1990s at the request of our customers, including Manufacturers and their parts distributors. Over the past 38 years, we have continued enhancing and developing with feedback and feature requests from our customers, which has resulted in our state of the art just time inventory system.


  • WISE – Just In Time Inventory keeps up with the demands and requirements of manufactures so distributors can retain preferred suppliers’ status and manufacturers are satisfied.
  • Improve sequencing, become lean,  enhance part traceability, and meet pending sequencing requirements.
  • However you want to call it, ILVS (In-Line Vehicle Sequencing), SPD (Sequenced Parts Delivery), and Just-In-Sequence, we have the solution.


If you are a supplier or 3PLs delivering parts to the manufacturers on time and in the proper build sequence, requested is critical. WISE – Just In Time Inventory System covers configurable lists of components (example, doors, glass, exhaust systems, and motors). The result is production is optimized efficiency increases while reducing waste and parts storage space.

Phillips Van Heusen

“I was certain that the right ERP solution would help us with our inventory control issues and process flow automation in our warehouse. We are happy with Royal 4 Systems and have been a customer for over 30 years. The working relationship we have with R4 is the best one we have when we look at all of our vendors.”

Kreg Tool

“I wanted to share some good news with the Royal 4 team. We have gone from the high 80% range to consistently being above 99.5% on our daily inventory accuracy, and we have done this while increasing our on-hand inventory by 50%! It has not been an easy journey but we are here.”


“Metraflex has been a successful business partner with Royal 4 for over 18 years. The WISE and R4 ERP system has increased our efficiency immeasurably. During all these years, Royal 4 has responded quickly and efficiently to all of our issues and has kept up with the latest supply chain technologies.”


  • Utilize a multitude of options to facilitate manufacturing requirements to precisely deliver parts in the proper sequence.
  • Determine how the products get packaged and labeled to the specifications of the requirements.
  • Choose when to sequence. For example, after a build in batch/bulk, items can be sequenced at the end of the manufacturing process, organizing parts in the optimal sequence in the shipping rack.
  • The system assists in organizing the shipping racks and loading the shipping containers in the proper sequence.
  • If you prefer doing business, as usual, we can integrate with third-party sequencers.
  • If you prefer to build in sequence, the system is there to help.
Build Sequence


  • Once the supplier receives the build sequence, it is imported into WISE WMS. The manufacturer builds the parts to match the sequence as communicated in the Receipt of Sequencing Requirements. Facilitating smooth sequencing and just in time inventory from the very start.
  • WISE WMS accommodates configurable variations of build sequence considering the nature of the product and how the product is packed at the end of the line, and how the shipping racks are loaded on the truck.
  • Reversing the build sequence of parts to accommodate packing requirements is simple with WISE. This also helps ensure FIFO principles are met, despite the design of a shipping rack, which may only allow for the last part placed in it to be pulled first by the manufacturer. WISE’s utility makes it easy to reverse build into containers due to a lack of floor space for storage.
  • Maximize Floor Space with WISE – Just in time inventory. We remove the need to store more than a minimal amount of finished goods.


  • Suppliers often adopt this method due to its simplicity to implement in WISE.
  • Taking advantage of the powerful sequencing engine in WISE, products are built-in batch, packed, and then placed in the rack/container in the specified sequence and shipped.
  • For just in time inventory, these items are shipped promptly to reduce the need for additional floor space, which is typical of this model.
  • Automation is a key feature in WISE WMS that can be utilized in ‘build in batch and pack” in ways like; pick to light assistance, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), conveyor lines driven by requirements, and Radio Frequency (WISE-RF) directed picking.
  • Our WMS 3PL WISE keeps close track of the inventory levels, which is especially helpful when engineering changes occur.


  • Create rack labels of varying sizes and specifications. Example standard 4″ x 6″ (or 4″ x 6.5″) It can also be a simple 8.5″ x 11 piece of paper (without the adhesive), with or without a barcode.
  • We comply with AIAG-type shipping labels. Common details include rack number, high and low sequence number, Plant ID, Line ID, and custom label options that meet the manufacturer requirements. We can also include a grid schematic of the rack with part numbers listed in the appropriate rack positions.
  • Royal 4 Systems will work closely with the manufacturer to identify label specification requirements to ensure the appropriate size and content are applied.
  • Often there are pre-defined labeling guidelines for all manufacturers, with the flexibility for each plant to have some variations in the labels.
  • The level of details and options we offer provides increased efficiency and accuracy for just in time inventory.


  • WISE helps produce labels that meet the requirements of suppliers, manufacturers, and each plant. These labels are affixed to parts and shipping racks. 
  • For sequenced parts, our labels typically include a bar-coded label, along with some other basic part information, such as sequence number, customer part number, etc.
  • The positioning of the labels on parts requires coordination and planning.  When parts do not have class B surfaces, we offer alternate solutions. 
  • Part labels can vary in size from as small as .75″ x 1.5″ to a more common 2″ x 4″ label size or larger.

Integrate with Key Systems for Precise Just In Time Inventory

Having access to Data is a key component of our WMS, 3PL, and ERP Systems, which lends itself to our Just in Time Inventory solution.  Build Schedule Data is received and WISE WMS Just in Time Inventory Kicks into gear sequencing, preparing labels, instructing staff regarding the order to label, and store parts.  In addition to our feature-rich solutions, we offer the opportunity to integrate with third-party solutions such as MES, EDI, CRM, etc.; therefore, building upon and enhancing manufacturing operations. See our integrations page for more details or contact us.

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