We are recently seeing a massive advancement in logistics. Manufacturers have been linked to the supply chain, and the long process of raw materials turned into usable products for resale via wholesalers, retailers, and e-commerce with increased visibility.

Companies within the logistics and supply chain industry must be ready for all of these bigger changes from automated warehousing technology to delivery solutions. Check out these exciting trends in the supply chain logistics industry that you need to be aware of in 2021.

Warehouse Automation

Warehouses have evolved over the years and now are highly automated to coordinate labor and equipment through dynamic optimization with real-time inputs. These automated systems increase inventory accuracy and reduce labor costs. Thanks to automation, almost all supply chain management, from Labor Management Systems to cold storage warehouse management, is now utilizing robots and tablets.

Drones and Bots are now used in many warehouses to address supply chain needs; they play a huge part in reaching equipment and inventory that would otherwise be difficult to access. Drones are now designed to have GPS, RFID, and barcode scanners. Bots are commonly used for inventory to gather more accurate data. At the same time, others are used to carry products or containers. The bots help reduce special needs because most robots fit in smaller spaces than an average human.

These types of automation ensure accuracy and more extensive opportunities to warehouse businesses.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

Modern consumers are changing. Sustainability is an important matter to buyers and companies. The United Nations Global Compact mentioned that the common sustainability-related impact for many warehouse companies is greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, packaging waste, environmental damages during logistics and transportation. With consumers demanding for supply chain transparency, companies with political standpoint and green behavior are getting more attention and conversions. Paperless transactions eliminate paperwork costs while maximizing quality.

Delivery Solutions

Warehouse staff can receive your orders picked from your website. Where rate shopping is needed, WISE provides integration to 3rd party shipping modules that provide the lowest rate and time-in-transit for each shipment.

Cloud Computing

Warehouse Management is now shifting to the Cloud because Cloud options can handle the most complex setups, configurations, and integrations. For Businesses, Government agencies, manufacturers, and distributors alike, the warehouse is the critical hub of the business. A central depot through which everything must pass, from raw materials waiting to be manufactured into finished goods and to products waiting for shipment downstream to a distribution center, retailer, and to end-customers. Cloud Warehouse Management Software can be applied throughout all core warehouse processes, transforming the warehouse into a much more efficient and competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Software Companies will help you build the WMS system from the ground up in the cloud.

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