With WISEam, the ability to track capital equipment, furniture, computers, and all other valuable assets is now just a Barcode or RFID Tag away! • Location / Asset Barcoding Capabilities

    • User Defined Flexible Fields and Labels
    • Automatic Reminders
    • Warranty and Lease Expiration Monitoring
    • Meet Govt. and Audit Requirements
    • View Depreciation Reporting
    • Keep Asset’s Entire Historical Data

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WISEam – Asset Management System

The comprehensive asset information you need to execute an effective asset management strategy, WISEam will track and help you to manage your assets and their changing configurations and relationships at every stage of their lifecycle. By consolidating distributed assets into a single, integrated view, you will get an accurate picture of your assets on an ongoing basis.


Asset Information

Capture/Enter barcode / RFID tag, user defined details, purchasing / vendor information, and dates including expiration, replacement, and recall.


Organizational Data

Capture/Enter the building, department, room number, and personnel the asset was assigned to. Get an accurate picture of all your assets on an ongoing basis.


Track and Report

The WISE asset management system is designed to effortlessly track and report on computers, equipment, vehicles, furniture, and any other valuable assets.

WISEam – Asset Management System

Features and Benefits


    All assets can be barcoded with the appropriate barcode media. For consumable assets you may want to use traditional paper barcode labels. Depending on the size of the item you can create any size label needed. For more permanent assets like equipment, computers, desks etc… you may want to use permanent labels such as metal plate asset tags.


    The fields in the WISE asset management system are all user defined so you can determine what information is needed to be captured and displayed. This allows the system to give you all the data needed to manage the asset.


    The WISE asset management system allows for “alerts” that can remind for different tasks that may be needed. Some examples are; when an item needs to be retired, when an item needs maintenance or unlimited scenarios that may be needed.


    The WISE asset management system Active Lease Monitoring system provides easy-to-use electronic management and monitoring of your leases, operating expenses, key contacts, critical dates, and more. Manages when you need to exercise your renewal option or how many leases require renegotiating in the next 18 months etc… WISE asset management keeps it simple with an automated process that manages all of the details ensuring that you’ll never miss a thing.


    The WISE asset management system gives the user a complete report suite based in Crystal reports that will maintain the depreciation of each asset and when it needs to be retired.


    The WISE asset management system provides an archived historical data for each asset including maintenance records, purchase/cost data, usage, check in/check out by users and any other data that has been generated on the particular asset.